The 2019 Competition is July 31 – August 4th, in Wenatchee, WA.

2019 Showcase Details

Toyota Town Center, Wenatchee, WA
Toyota Town Center, Wenatchee, WA

About Showcase

The National Showcase Competition is an annual non-qualifying competition held by U.S. Figure Skating that fuses artistic creativity with skating for single skaters, duets, ensembles of 3 – 7 and production numbers of 8 – 30 skaters of all levels, from no-test to adult.

The competition is 5 exciting days during the first week of August. Most showcase numbers are 2–6 minute programs with music from popular Broadway or movie musicals, such as Hamilton, Lion King, Moana, Diary of a Nerd, Chicago, and Monsters, Inc.

Showcase uses 6.0 judging for all events. To compete with solo and duet events, skaters must place in the top four at any USFS Showcase/ entertainment event the previous year and be freeskate level Preliminary or above.

Showcase is a big deal!

In 2017, 541 individual skaters and 111 teams from across the country competed in nearly 837 events at the competition. Some rinks focus only on this theatrical style of skating, auditioning in the fall and rehearsing all year for this competition. For that reason, the competition is fierce. Don’t expect an easy win here!

A different style of competition

The style of showcase skates is different than the Light or Dramatic Entertainment programs FCFSC skaters might be used to. Numbers for this competition often include spoken dialog and skaters frequently address the judges directly. There are very few high level jumps or spins used, as they don’t improve skater scores directly. Instead, the focus is on excellent interpretation of the music. In groups, synchronization is key!

No credit is given to jump difficulty, and a beautiful skate with no clear character or story will likely place lower than a simpler program with terrific characters acted out well on the ice. Originality, humor, and above all, expressiveness are important for this competition. Vital to all events are acting, costumes, props, and scenery, and the most successful competitors have clear characters, mouth the words to dialog in songs, and perform stories on the ice.

Want to see more? Take a look at the video of EPIC Production’s 2018 performance!