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This site provides information about the 2020 season, including rehearsal schedules, information about casting, costumes, scenery, and make up.

Recent Updates

  • Work on skating skills without the rink
    You may have seen that the governor of Colorado has announced all schools are required to be closed until April 17th, and gatherings of over 10 people are prohibited, too … Read more
  • March 28 Rehearsal Canceled
    I can washz da handz We have decided to cancel our March 28th rehearsal, even if the rink is open. As you know, the city closed EPIC rink until March … Read more
  • Adjustments Due to the Coronavirus
    We wanted to update you with our current adjustments due to the Coronavirus. There's a list of local rinks that are closed and open at the bottom, too (not comprehensive). … Read more
  • Costumes, Scenery, and Props, Oh My!
    We're moving FAST this year! With our first performances of all ensembles in early April, we're already starting the costume, prop, and scenery development process. We're posting ideas and initial … Read more

PDF iconImportant details about the program are in the EPIC Productions Handbook 2020. You can also ake a look at our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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