Costumes, Props & Scenery

Costume, props, and scenery details are on Google pages for easier updating. The current budget per costume is $55 (average).

Please submit approved costume or prop expenditures using the FCFSC Reimbursement Form. Submit to Melody King ( electronically or on paper.

About Costumes

The FCFSC works with skaters and parents to create original, high-quality costumes. Program fees cover costume materials, rental, and/or purchases up to $60 per costume. You should not purchase costumes yourself without consulting the director.

Each program will have a unique costume, and all skaters will be in two programs – the large group number and one mini-ensemble.

Skaters will need a different costume for each ensemble they participate in, and many skaters bring an additional costume for any solo or duet numbers they do (but this is not required).

Skaters are responsible for keeping track of all parts of their own costumes, ensuring they are in good repair, and bringing them to all dress rehearsals. We recommend you store costumes with all pieces together in a garment bag if possible and avoid using it for other purposes until after the competition.

Although the program fees will pay for each skater’s costume, costumes will be yours to keep when the competition is over.

About Props & Scenery

Props and scenery factor into judges’ scores when they help enhance the stories our programs are telling.

For each ensemble number, we create a backdrop related to its story. These are light, portable, and collapsible (for transport).

Props and scenery will be kept at EPIC rink or in another centralized location by the program coordinators. All props and scenery remain the property of EPIC Productions.

USFS Scenery / Props Rules