The rehearsal and meetings schedule for EPIC Productions will be posted here.

Feb & March: Mini rehearsals with mini coach during contract ice – coordinated by mini coach

April: Large ensemble rehearsals begin

No rehearsal 1st week of April (Fort Collins Classic)

No rehearsals April 27 – May 5th (Spring Spectacular)

June & July – 4 rehearsals each week: two 60 minute large production + one 30 minute for minis + one 60 minute off-ice

All skaters are required to attend all rehearsals. However, we do understand that illness, injury, travel, and other issues come up. If you must miss a rehearsal, please inform the Director at least 24 hours in advance.

Skaters who miss too many rehearsals may not be eligible to stay in the program. This is because missing too many rehearsals disrupts the group process. Allowances for missed rehearsals are:

Dates # rehearsals Absences
January – May~18 rehearsals 4 absences allowed
June – July~36 rehearsals 8 absences allowed

Skaters should come to rehearsals warmed up with skates on to be on the ice at the start time indicated.