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Finalizing your membership

We’re excited to kick off the 2020 season with our amazing group of skaters and parents! This post has some details about finalizing your information with us to set us up for the season.

Slack app image1. In January, we will stop sending emails and switch to our team communication app, Slack. Download the app, and check your email for a link to join the group. If this gives you any troubles, the Team Manager can send you a personalized email invite to join.

Using Slack is required, as all critical information will be posted there, not sent via email. The website will only have general updates. For detailed instructions to set up and use Slack, see the Handbook, p. 11. or the Communication page on this website.

2. We have finalized member fees at $1,674 total ($178 monthly). This total includes your deposit. We will invoice you electronically to this email monthly** on the 1st of each month, but the first payment will be invoiced on January 15th.

**If you prefer to pay the entire season at once by check only (not electronically), we can offer a $50 discount. Let our treasurer Melody King know, and she will invoice the full amount to you on January 15th. See the Contact page for her information.

3. Cast lists, rehearsal schedule, skater leadership roles, and programs will be announced mid- to late-January.

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