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Costumes, Scenery, and Props, Oh My!

costume design

We’re moving FAST this year! With our first performances of all ensembles in early April, we’re already starting the costume, prop, and scenery development process.

We’re posting ideas and initial reference materials on the Google drives (access them from the individual ensemble pages), and we’ll start working with the parents and skaters who want to be involved at any level, from coordination and management to painting, building, and stitching.

Do YOU want to be part of the costumes/props/scenery development? Let us know on Slack! Some costumes will be built by hand, others we’ll purchase, still others we’ll purchase pieces and adapt them as needed. (There will be much crystalling, I suspect…)

Meanwhile, the coaches will select the Team Captains and the skaters who will serve as Coordinators soon. If you haven’t submitted an application, hit up the Team Manager Rosa Martey on Slack!

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