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Casting Call Process

Thank you for joining us! This post has important information about the EPIC Productions casting call process on Saturday, December 19th, including your skater’s specific slot and off-ice protocols. 

Short version?

  • Fill out the online COVID form.
  • Group 1 (pre-juve moves and below): Drop off at 3:45, pick up at 5:00. 
  • Group 2 (juve moves and above): Drop off at 4:45, pick up at 6:00.

Please follow these instructions carefully so we do not have any problems with the city’s COVID restrictions. We are so sorry, but family/friends cannot watch this year due to 10-person limits per rink. 

1. Saturday before 3:00, fill out the online COVID waiver:

2. Put on all black skating gear, and get dropped off at EPIC rink at 3:45 (Group 1) or 4:45 (Group 2) p.m. We’ll do a temp check at the entryway. Please ensure you are on time, as we have a lot to do!

3. Leave skates and things in the BLUE rink lobby. Then follow the rehearsal assistant to an off ice warm up. Return to the BLUE rink to put skates on and get on the ice.

4. Follow coaches’ instructions to warm up, dance, jump, spin, and do your tricks on the ice! Leave the ice and remove skates in BLUE rink lobby.

5. Pick up at 5:00 (Group 1) or 6:00 (Group 2).
Parents/drivers, please be on time to pick up your skaters so we reduce traffic as the next group comes into rink to follow COVID restrictions.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

2018 Hamilton

A few things you might like to know:

  • Your $250 security deposit and membership forms for the season are due by January 20th, and rehearsals will start the last week of February or the 1st week of March. 
  • Feel free to pay this deposit by check, or we can bill you electronically. It can be paid early if you prefer.
  • The remaining payments will be billed monthly – total cost, including the deposit, is currently estimated at $1,400 – $1,500. 
  • The music/program for the NEW large ensemble will be announced by January 20th (maybe earlier!). 
  • We plan to keep the 2020 minis: Six the Musical, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. 
  • SpongeBob and Willy Wonka will be re-cast somewhat due to different skaters this year.
  • Need more? See our handbook

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