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The 2022 season is underway!

EPIC Productions Guest Coach Jimmy Morgan at rehearsal

Rehearsals start off-ice and the excitement begins on February 19th! This post has a few key reminders for you, which also went out in emails.

First, what to wear? Skaters should always come prepared for both off-ice and on ice skating once the on-ice rehearsals begin on March 5th. That means comfortable clothes for active movement – sneakers, leggings, and a fitted top. Wear your EPIC Productions or any other skate jacket as you wish.

Second, keeping up to date. If you haven’t already, make sure you get connected to the team on Slack. That’s where all the key information will be posted. We try to avoid adding to the email flood, and Slack’s interface for quick messages is terrific on phone or desktop. See Communication on this site for details. You can also add the team calendars to your own – see the Schedule page for details.

Third, the new qualification rules. The National Showcase competition now requires qualification for ensemble and all other events. Skaters cannot participate in EPIC Productions without qualifying with at least 1 solo showcase event before June 1. See our website Competition page for details. 

Fourth, skater agreements. Make sure you fill out the skater agreement form and give either a paper copy or email to the Team Manager, Rosa Martey.

We’re so excited to start off this season!

Soon we’ll hold a parent meeting where you can have any questions answered and sign up to help out the team in fundraising, costumes, props, skater coordination, or other ways.

Have a good skate!

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