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Work on skating skills without the rink

You may have seen that the governor of Colorado has announced all schools are required to be closed until April 17th, and gatherings of over 10 people are prohibited, too (which includes going to restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and the like). The rink isn’t under that category, but the latest news has it closed through April 11th.

You can still work on your skating skills!

Coaches have been sending suggestions for exercises, websites, and routines, as well as offering video-off ice sessions (Rowan is in a off-ice video-chat session with Lomi right now!).

Set up a schedule with your private lesson coach (or with Lomi!) to keep up a healthy routine!

Here are some videos coach Katie Holmes sent along (or see her complete list of resources):

  • Corona Conditioning with Sean Rabbitt – Senior Men national competitor and newly rated PSA coach … he’s doing at home workouts for skaters during this time… follow him on Instagram. He’s a workout guru! Amazing and so positive / fun! 
  • Flexafit / Figure Skater Fitness – A video series with for figure skaters and others with off ice jumps and fitness exercises.
  • Shelly Skates – A great series with videos on jumps exercises and more.

A great way to focus your off-ice goals is preparing for the USFS S.T.A.R.S. testing. This is a set of assessments of your flexibility, strength, and agility to help you identify key areas to work on. Do it each year to see how you progress. And this year, if all goes well, the assessment will be in Fort Collins!

Prepare for STARS with this exercise guide (PDF)!

It might sound tedious, but actually it’s a great experience that includes parent seminars and a free t-shirt! (Rowan has done it several years and has a blast every time).

” On the day of the event, all athletes participate in a dynamic warm-up class, complete the individual athlete assessment and also participate in a one-hour sports science seminar. At the end of the S.T.A.R.S. season, all participants receive a comprehensive results report which allows athletes to track their individual progress in each of the areas tested as well as percentile rankings in age and gender groups. ” – 2020 ST.A.R.S

Maybe I should join in those off-ice sessions myself…

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