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March 28 Rehearsal Canceled

I can washz da handz

We have decided to cancel our March 28th rehearsal, even if the rink is open. As you know, the city closed EPIC rink until March 28. But given the state-wide situation, we feel it’s better to cancel our rehearsal for everyone’s safety and comfort.

The governor announced yesterday that all restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, etc. must close to the public across the state for 30 days (through at least April 18th). It is possible that the rink closure will be extended, too.

As you may have seen in the club email that was sent yesterday, Spring Showcase rehearsals have been pushed back to start April 13th, and the show is scheduled for May 29-30. We’ll let you know the updated schedule for the EP large ensemble rehearsals as soon as they’re determined.

Meanwhile, here are a few helpful tips I’ve run across for staying active and sane during this weird time without our usual outlets:

  • Go outside! Isolation doesn’t require us to stay indoors, just away from other people and objects (especially metal and plastic retain viruses a long time). Go for a run, a bike ride, a walk in the woods…
  • Set up a new daily schedule. For example, create blocks for exercise time, work time, craft time, electronics time, cleaning time, living room dance party time. Click the link for some suggestions, or Google it for many more. The Guardian has a great set of suggestions.
  • Many coaches are offering remote off-ice training, such as off-ice jumps and other exercises. Contact your coach(es) to see if you can setup a video session.
  • Take this opportunity to work on your cardio! Many skaters benefit a lot from adding more cardio into their lives, such as biking, aerobics, running, or living room dance parties.
  • Come up with a specific, fun project to do during this time. It feels great to accomplish that project you didn’t have time for when things were so busy!

And here are a few links from Positive Coaching Alliance with great advice about managing the shutdowns.

  • Dealing with Disappointment During Coronavirus Cancellations, Postponements – The recent cancellations of playoffs, championships, games, tournaments, and meets at every level are disappointing, but I also am aware they are necessary to prevent further spread of disease. While cancellations and precautionary measures continue, how can I (as an athletic director, coach, or parent) talk to my athlete about this disappointment?
  • Using the Sports Shutdown to Recover the Joy of Sports – The cancellation of the NBA season and NCAA’s March Madness have gotten the lion’s share of the attention, but the coronavirus has impacted millions of youth athletes as well. As just one example, my small hometown of Colfax, North Dakota had a once-in-a-lifetime team that qualified for the State Tournament which has been canceled. As for so many athletes, the Richland 44 Colt boys’ season ended sadly and suddenly. So let’s use the shutdown and the disappointment it brings as grist for the mill of developing people of character. Below I’ll share a few ideas on how parents and coaches might leverage this time with their youth athletes.

Things are changing quickly, so expect more posts than usual these weeks.

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