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Membership and SafeSport Requirements

As of June 1, you can renew your membership to the Fort Collins Figure Skating Club, which is required for participation in EPIC Productions. As a member of FCFSC, you automatically receive a full membership in U.S. Figure Skating (USFS).

Renew your USFS and FCFSC Club membership here using EntryEeze.

Login with your EMAIL and club EntryEeze password (may be different than your competition login password).

SafeSport Requirements

If you will be 18 or older as of August 1, 2022, you are required by USFS to complete the online SafeSport training and a background check through USFS in order to compete in the National Showcase competition. This is now required for all members 18 and older to participate in any competition.

To Complete SafeSport Compliance:

  • Go to the Members Only site for USFS and login
  • Click your name to access your profile, and find the SafeSport Training tab. There you will see training options for you.
  • Go also to the Compliance tab to access information about submitting a background check.
  • It takes a few weeks to complete the background check, so it is recommended you do this by June 30th if needed.

Note that although parents are not required to complete SafeSport training, if you wish to take on certain roles at OTHER competitions (Showcase venues have their own separate rules), the training and background check are required. Check with the FCFSC board if you think you might need this compliance. It is also recommended you complete the training and background check if you travel with minor skaters other than your own children without their parents/legal guardians present.

See the USFS rules for compliance here (PDF). All coaches as well as the EPIC Productions Team Manager and the Rehearsal Assistant have completed all the training and background check requirements.

SafeSport General Guidelines

See the full description of the rules for SafeSport for details. Below are some of the basics.

“Two-Deep Leadership” is the core rule of adult-minor interaction for USFS. This is a mandatory policy that requires at least one other person (preferably an adult, but can also be another minor) be present for all interactions (digital and in-person) between adults and minors that are not in public “”where interactions can be easily observed and at an interruptible distance.”

An exception to this requirement is in case of emergency, such as a medical emergency.

Note that these rules apply to all coaches at any time, regardless of personal relationships (other than with their own children). However, for skaters, these apply to skating events and contexts specifically. Of course, some minor skaters are friends with skaters who have turned 18, and when they are outside skating contexts, these rules do not apply. They do apply for ALL interactions when traveling for a competition, however.

What does this mean for EPIC Productions rehearsals, events, and competitions?

  • The basic rule is that no skater under 18 may be alone in private with anyone 18 or older who is not their own parent or legal guardian. Another person must be present.
  • For example, parents cannot drive a non-related skater alone, but may drive their child and another child, or any two skaters, or a non-related skater with another adult in the car.
  • Skaters 18 and older can not drive a single minor skater, but may drive two skaters or a skater and another adult.
  • A skater can go to a public place such as a restaurant with one person 18 or older (who is not their parent).
  • A minor skater can not hang out in a hotel room with a person 18 or older, but can be with two people of any age.
  • Chaperones traveling with minor skaters who are not related to them should complete the SafeSport training.

Still have questions?

Talk to the coaches! They have years and years of experience of training, discussions, and implementing SafeSport rules.

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